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Work at Home Job Leads: Crafting & Handiwork

Note: This site contains advertisements as well as screened job leads. Please visit our FAQ page for more.

Many folks have a flair for crafting and art, but aren't sure how to get started or where to sell their work. Here we've gathered some sites where you can turn your creative stream into a revenue source. Good luck, and we hope to see your work online soon!

Crafting companies, by their nature, will receive mixed reviews based on the abilities of the individual crafter -- speed, work quality, and the company's satisfaction with the project all factor in to the overall experience. As many advertisers state, "results may vary," and that certainly rings true in the crafting world.

(All sites below have been screened; italicized links are affiliate links.)


"ArtFire is an interactive online community designed to bring together buyers and sellers of artistic goods; we currently provide a home for handmade goods, fine art, vintage, designed items, supplies and media. ArtFire was built as a marketplace for artisans by artisans to celebrate the unique individuality of artists and crafters around the globe. ArtFire is the complete e-commerce solution for all artists looking to sell their wares online."

Fees: No listing fees or commissions with the Pro account, modestly-priced.

For every artist or philosopher who has ever thought, "I'd love to put that on a T-shirt or bumper sticker," CafePress provides a free outlet and a sales platform.

The print-on-demand feature means that no inventory need be purchased. You can immediately begin to sell your original artwork or quotes on T-shirts, 
apparel, gifts for the home, stationery, gear and other customizable items.

Setup of your online store is free. Cafe Press also handles printing the purchased items on demand, payment transactions, shipping, and returns, and sends you a check for your mark-up. 

No setup fees or out-of-pocket expenses. Ten percent commission on royalties, capped at $10. Monthly prepay options available. 

"crowdSPRING is an online marketplace for creative services. For buyers, crowdSPRING is a place to post a creative project, watch the world contribute ideas and choose the one they like. For creatives, crowdSPRING is a global stage for creativity where title and experience don't matter."

Fees: "There is never a charge to Creatives on crowdSPRING! It is absolutely free to register and you will not be charged any fee or commission when you win an award." (crowdSPRING charges fees to Buyers.)

 (, , )
DaWanda.com is a marketplace where you can sell unique and handmade products.

"It is free to open a shop on DaWanda, and it currently does not cost anything to list items on the English and French platforms.

DaWanda only charges you a 5% commission fee on each successful sale you make through our website."

Fees: "When you sell an item we will charge you 5% commission on the sales price of the item sold. We do not charge any fees on the shipping costs."

The Disciple's Cross debuted when Survivor: Thailand contestant, Pastor John Raymond, wore one on the show. This triggered strong demand for the crosses, and he started this business to meet it.

Though the "buy-back" program (where the company buys back your finished crosses) is reportedly not as robust as it once was, many people are still doing quite well creating these items and selling them on their own, e.g., as fundraisers, to churches and Christian shops, at flea markets, online, etc.). 

The is an excellent resource for Disciple's Cross crafters to share their experiences, tips, suppliers, and more.

Fees: Start-up kit costs $69.95.  

Everyone knows Ebay now, but the site can still be an excellent place to sell your handmade items. In fact, Ebay has a  for crafters of all kinds.

Fees: Listing fees apply.

Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade items.

"Etsy shoppers are looking for handmade goods, vintage items and craft supplies."

Fees: 20 cents to list an item for four months, plus a 3.5% transaction fee on items sold

In the past, FaveCrafts paid for written and videotaped craft tips and tutorials published on the website. However, as we write, the site's policy appears to be changing. Regardless, you can gain free exposure for your crafts by having them featured on the site. For details, click here

Overall, we have heard good things about Magical Gift Company. (Note that as with all jobs, some people will do better than others depending on their abilities, speed, etc.)

Choose from a variety of projects, including sewing, glue gun, wool, jewelery, clay, paint, and others.

"We pay $.50-$2.00 per piece depending on how long it takes to complete each project."

Fees: "Training Kit Fee $49.95 Per Project (plus S&H), Full Refund after You Earn $1,000.00."

Note: We have heard that paying for expedited shipping may not be worth the extra expense. "Program not available in Maryland."

In their own words, "SmashingDarling is the online destination for anything new and emerging fashion, bringing together independent fashion designers with individuals who seek a unique fashion edge."

Set up an online boutique (or several) at this fashion-focused site, and sell your unique clothing and accessories. "Items designed by indie designers, for clothing, textiles, and accessories made from textiles... We have included vintage because it is fashion from the past."

Fees: "[W]e do not charge any fees for creating boutiques (as many as you want!) uploading photos (as many as you want!) or for any of the other features and options that we offer to help you customize your boutique and make it your own. Selling on SmashingDarling is 100% FREE until you make a sale, at which point we charge a flat 18% fee."

If you're great at coming up with great new projects, and can capture the details in an easy-to-follow how-to, you may be able to sell your patterns and crafting directions at YouCanMakeThis.com. For details, click here.

Fees: Profit-sharing model

An on-demand, made-to-order marketplace that's perfect for anyone who has a great idea for customized clothing, mugs, magnets, buttons, skateboards, and more!

No need to purchase inventory. You can create a free online gallery to showcase your products.

Fees: Free

* PLEASE NOTE: While our Research Team does its best to exclude scams and similar links from the resources we post, we cannot of course guarantee the legitimacy of any link, company, hirer, etc. Job seekers are strongly urged to perform their own "due diligence" on any hirer they might consider.

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