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Welcome to the Rat Race Rebellion site -- the best source of legitimate work at home jobs on the internet!

Launched by Staffcentrix, a training and development company that specializes in home-based careers (est. 1999), Rat Race Rebellion has been featured in/on The Wall Street Journal, The Dr. Oz Show, ABC News 20/20, The Tyra Show, CNN Newsroom, and many others.

Our expertise in the work at home sector is unsurpassed and our training clients include the US Department of State, the US Armed Services, the NY State Department of Education, colleges, faith-based organizations, and others who want the best information for their job seekers.

We hope you'll find the resources we've gathered here as helpful as they have!

Thank you for joining us!

~ Christine Durst & Michael Haaren (Chris and Mike)

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At RatRaceRebellion.com, we've helped thousands of people find legitimate work from home... for FREE!

"While looking for work on line, I had such a difficult time finding jobs that weren't scams. Then a friend recommended your site to me and I was instantly hooked. After a relatively short time, I actually got a job and started work in January." ~ Mac M.

“Thanks to you guys I found the best job ever! I love it!” ~ Sherri A.
"Thank you so much for your newsletter as I found a job with Convergys! So thanks again!"  ~ M.L.
“Thank you Rat Race Rebellion! I secured a job with Coca-Cola with information from your website!!!”  ~ J.P.

"Christine Durst is America's Ultimate Expert on Work at Home Jobs" ~ Woman's World Magazine (five times)
“Chris and Mike, I'd like to tell you that I enjoy receiving your newsletter in my email but I'd also like to tell you that because of the newsletter I have just secured a job….”  ~ J. A.

"I just want to say I love you guys and thanks for what you do! I am an employment specialist for my church – that means I help people look for employment. I love being able to share information about working from home. I have two copies of your book – Work at Home Now and I share it with people and recommend the purchase of it to those that are in the position to purchase it! Love the book – love the newsletters and job alerts! You guys are awesome!

I had someone ask me once if these were real jobs or if I knew of anyone who actually had applied and been hired…and I am happy to say I can say absolutely!..." ~ Debbie H

"Through your website, I applied with with one of the employers listed on Saturday, April 16, and on Tuesday, April 19, I received a call for a telephone interview. On May 3, I officially became an @ home employee."  ~ Runae G.

"I just wanted to thank you for your website and job listings! I have not been working for over 2 years for a variety of reasons. But when I started looking again, I found a job with ETS through your site.  They hired me the day after I contacted them!  I can't thank you enough!" ~ Christine
These and many other testimonials on file at Staffcentrix, LLC.

Just some of the clients we've worked with:
US Department of State
US Dept of State
Department of the US Army
US Army
Air Force Aid Society
Air Force Aid Society
US Air Force Europe
US Air Force Europe
United States Air Force
US Air Force
US AIr Force Academy
US Air Force Academy

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Convergys is hiring home-based customer service agents!
Sutherland is now hiring
LiveOps is hiring
Arise seeking independent customer service pros
ContractWorld.jobs is hiring
Call Center QA
Get screened work at home jobs in your inbox!
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Chris Durst & Michael Haaren appear regularly in the media on work-at-home, Internet fraud & related issues.

Christine Durst on The View
Chris on The View

Chris on Dr. Oz
Chris on The Dr. Oz Show

Christine Durst on ABC World News
Chris on ABC World News

Michael Haaren on CNN
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Chris Durst on 20/20 work at home scam story
Chris & Mike assisted ABC News 20/20 in scam investigations. Chris appears with Jim Avila in part 1 and part 2.
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