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It's with great pleasure that we announce our new book, Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living!

Work at Home NowThis timely book will help job seekers come out on the right side of the 59-to-1 scam ratio that plagues the work-at-home job arena, and quickly navigate their way to a legitimate home-based career.

As the designers of the highly-successful Home-Based Career & Telework Job Development Program for the US Department of State and the US Armed Forces, we’ve trained thousands of work-at-home hopefuls.

We know firsthand that job seekers are not looking for heavy data and statistics about telework, nor do they want to waste precious time reading vague information about the types of work they “may want to consider.”

With that in mind, Work at Home Now sets itself apart from other books on this topic by placing the emphasis on the “now” part of the job search equation. Readers will find details for hundreds of companies that actively hire home-based workers (chapter 6 is especially fruitful), interviews with key personnel from hiring companies, resume-enhancement tips, Internet job-search terms that actually work, and other “immediate action” information.

Readers will also appreciate the unique categorized appendix of the 400+ websites mentioned in the book, and “tips from the trenches” gathered from people who are successfully working from home.

Buy it now at and .

Note: This site contains advertisements as well as screened job leads. Please visit our FAQ page for more.
The Rat Race Rebellion Telework Bulletin
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February 26, 2010 Edition
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- EDITOR'S NOTE - A note from Mike.
- NEWS, ARTICLES & INFORMATION - The latest from the telework arena.
- QUOTE OF THE WEEK - Words of wisdom that caught our eye.
- SCREENED JOB LEADS - The nuggets our research team mined for you this week!
- TERMS & GUARANTEES - The "fine print."

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A Note from the Editor
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Michael Haaren, Editor
Dear Reader,

Today’s issue -- in addition to 20 hand-picked jobs and projects -- brings news of hiring at HSN, Chris on the Tyra Banks Show, and how cars will soon become offices (charming, no?).

Also in the mix is a reader query on “phone sex operator” jobs, a review of a telework book for reluctant managers, and a batch of freebies to help the budget

Enjoy, Good Luck, and Be Well!


P.S. - Until our next issue, you’ll find more screened job leads every day at Rat Race Rebellion.com, at http://www.ratracerebellion.com/job_postings.html . The numbered jobs listed in this Bulletin are withheld from the website for a full week, to give readers an edge.
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News, Articles & Information
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Note: This Bulletin contains advertisements as well as screened job leads.
Please visit our FAQ page for more.

Chris and I would love to meet you on our . Come on over and say “Hi.”

We let our hair down there (well, I take my toupee off), and we also post work-at-home tips and news, training dates, family pix, etc. About 1,000 people have already joined us, and we’d love to “see” you there, too! 

Shopping network HSN is actively looking for home-based agents in Florida, Tenn. and Virginia. To access the leads, . When you reach the Open Positions Search Engine page, enter “work at home” (without quotes) in the Keywords field, then click on Search for Jobs.

Chris will be on the Tyra Banks Show on Monday, March 1. She and Tyra will be talking about how to stay safe on Facebook and Twitter.

To see where Tyra airs in your area,.

 What do you make of this?

  • The US is predicted to have 120M mobile workers by 2011 (per research firm IDC).
Stir in these organic points:

Commuting is going to get worse. (Talk about a safe prediction!) Public transportation has too little political support, our overall population is surging (200M to 300M in just 39 years), and work-at-home growth lags far behind “car growth.”

Meanwhile, the Internet, with its tremendous game-changing powers (can anyone say “print media”?) is redefining the way we work. Home, café, cube, plane, and, alas, soccer sidelines, Chuck E. Cheese and Little League bleachers – all have now become our collective “workplace.”   

And at Starbucks and “,” growing numbers of mobile workers stream in, plug in, power up…

Where might these trends be taking us? A few days ago I peeked into the cloudy crystal ball with Brian Moore of the New York Post, and . But if events should somehow transpire differently than I imagined, please judge me leniently, remembering these eloquent words of wisdom from Nobel Laureate Niels Bohr:

“It’s hard to predict anything, especially the future!”

If you're proposing a telework arrangement to your boss -- or you're part of a new virtual team and want to make sure it succeeds -- give the decisionmaker a copy of Evan Offstein's and Jason Morwick's .

As almost everyone knows, one of the biggest obstacles to telework is the manager married to "line-of-sight" supervision. (Of course, many managers also feel that their “power base” consists of masses of warm bodies dispersed around the floor. Proposing to take away the bodies menaces their security blanket.)

The telework obstacle course also includes the manager who believes that letting employees work from home one day a month is the acme of innovation.

However, the most dangerous manager may be a new Virtual Team Leader with little or no experience running distributed groups. When his or her team fails, it can jeopardize telework for everyone in the organization (and hobble the enterprise into the bargain).

If you work for one of these well-meaning people, do everyone (including the environment) a favor and leave a copy of  on his or her desk. Put a bright Post-It in Chapter 4, "Leading Telework Teams in the Virtual World." This section alone, with actionable advice on managing dispersed team members, may help foster or protect enlightened working arrangements in your organization for years to come.

FROM THE R3 MAILBAG – “Are companies hiring ‘phone sex operators’ to work from home?”

DEAR R3: I have heard that companies are hiring “phone sex operators” to work from home. Is this true? What’s it all about? Does it pay well?

R3: With unemployment so high, we receive many queries about the “adult chat” sector. Given its controversial nature, we won’t go into detail here, but companies do hire “phone sex operators” (predominantly women; very few men) to work from home, taking inbound calls.

In response to reader interest, we included these jobs in our book, . You may find a copy in your local library or bookstore, and it’s available on and BarnesandNoble.com as well.  

As cities and suburbs become more “concentrated” (English: mobbed), we’ll need smaller vehicles to get around in. Pogo sticks are bad in the snow, skateboards are tricky, piggybacking on each other is, at least for the moment, frowned upon, and options seem limited.

But Honda has come up with a 3-wheeled idea that’s at least interesting to imagine on the Beltway. . Now, if they could just make a model with an anti-gravity feature, so we could fly… 

I’m a wretchedly debounced Tigger, these days. Fell on black ice and took the edge of a concrete step in a kidney. Walking around the house, grunting with each movement.

I work at home. For my own company. Maybe I’ll sue myself.


The March issue of The Atlantic has a sobering piece by Don Peck on how the “mother of all recessions” we’ve lived (or are living) through will leave deep scars across the US population. Since so many of us are either looking for work, know someone who is, or know someone who has given up searching, Peck’s concerns are well worth further reading. This is just a sampling; it’s a comprehensive article:
  • “This era of high joblessness is probably just beginning.”
  • “[A] whole generation of young adults is likely to see its life chances permanently diminished by this recession.”
  • “It could cripple marriage as an institution in many communities.”
  • “It may already be plunging many inner cities into a despair not seen in decades.”
As an entrepreneur, I’m usually optimistic to a fault. But I think it’s important that we not mislead ourselves about our current economy and its psychological effects, and prepare for what may be a highly problematic “recovery.” The piece is .

Herewith today’s freebies. If you see something you like, be sure to grab it fast, as free stuff goes quickly on the Web. (Sorry, but we have no control over supplies, or when the vendors decide to halt their offers or fulfillment.)

For our daily freebies, go to http://www.ratracerebellion.com/freebies.htm.

Free Business Cards Plus 14 Day Free Shipping $50+

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Quote of the Week
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“The possession of gold has ruined fewer men than the lack of it.”

-- Thomas Bailey Aldrich

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Screened Job Leads
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*Editor’s Note: All positions are screened, but we can’t of course “guarantee” the legitimacy of any hirer or lead, so please do your own "due diligence" as well!

Also, please note that on occasion the hirer will decide to change the description or the availability of the job or project shortly AFTER the summary is published here. (Unfortunately, we have no control over this.) Therefore, be sure to read the underlying ad carefully, and apply promptly for any job that interests you.

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1. Customer Service Representatives
Ver-A-Fast seeks Customer Service Representatives to make customer service calls for its newspaper clients. "In most instances, we are checking on the customer’s service and reporting back to the newspaper so they can take appropriate action."

For more:

2. English Language Arts Item Editor
"WestEd is looking for qualified individuals to review and edit English Language Arts test items (i.e., questions) to be used in the development of a statewide assessment."

For more:

3. Full-Time Faculty - School of Information Systems & Technology
Kaplan University seeks full-time faculty in the School of Information Systems & Technology to teach 14 courses (undergraduate level) or 10 courses (graduate level) per year.
For more:

4. Google Ads Quality Raters - English - Temporary
Google continues to seek part-time Ads Quality Raters. “As an Ads Quality Rater, you will be responsible for reporting and tracking the visual quality and content accuracy of Google advertisements.”

For more: 

5. Content Development Specialist
Kaplan University is looking for a remote Content Development Specialist "for design, development, and user-friendly placement of instructional content in the Center for Teaching & Learning website, the New Faculty Training Course, the Chairs’ Leadership Course, Faculty Retreats, the Online Conference, and/or other faculty development resources.”

For more:

6. Certified Medical Transcriptionist Online Instructor
Kaplan University is looking for a telecommuting Certified Medical Transcriptionist Online Instructor for a non-tenure track teaching appointment.

For more:
7. Knitting Enthusiast and Pattern Designer
About.com, owned by the NY Times, continues to seek a part-time Contributing Writer “to cover the topic of garment patterns for the current Knitting GuideSite http://knitting.about.com.”

For more:

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8. Senior Managing Director, Teacher Support and Development
Teach For America is looking for a Senior Managing Director to "play a critical leadership role in ensuring our success in reaching these ambitious goals."

For more:
9. Front End Web Developer
Agami Creative is looking for a Front End Web Developer to work during normal business hours (US Pacific time zone). Must have a portfolio.

For more:
10. Trading Card Bloggers (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.)
Trading Card Escrow seeks Bloggers “with inside knowledge of collectible/trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon…”

For more:

11. Off-site Clinical Evaluation Writer
Placement firm seeks an Off-site Clinical Evaluation Writer for a client. Must have experience writing clinical evaluations. Industry knowledge of spinal medical devices required.

For more:

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12. Freelance Web Designer
The Barbarian Group is looking for a freelance Web Designer for a steady stream of projects. “[A]ll locales are welcome to apply.”

For more:
13. Freelance Writer for Barnes & Noble / SparkNotes
Barnes & Noble / SparkNotes is looking for freelance writers for two writing positions.

For more:
14. Medical Transcriptionists
FutureNet Technologies Corp. has immediate openings for MTs with experience with ESL dictators.

For more:

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15. Bloggers on HR Topics
Vitaver & Associates seeks Bloggers to cover HR topics. “Bloggers are expected to be familiar with recruiting process and to be active through Social Media web sites.”

For more:

16. Freelancers for InDesign Composition
Maple Street Press is looking for freelancers to handle page composition work using Adobe InDesign.

For more:
17. Writer on Public Relations
About.com, owned by the NY Times, seeks a part-time Contributing Writer “with a thorough knowledge of public relations to cover the topic of Public Relations for our Marketing site (http://marketing.about.com).”

For more:

18. PHP Web Developer
StoreFront Consulting, Inc. seeks a PHP Web Developer to work at least four days per week.

For more:

19. “Guide” on Military Families
About.com, owned by the NY Times, seeks a part-time Guide on the subject of Military Families. “The guide to Military Families will be someone who has been active in the military while raising a family or the spouse, parent or child of an active member of U.S. military.”

For more:

20. Greeting Card Writers
JQ Greetings is looking for "experienced greeting card verse writers/ idea people, in all categories, humor, childrens, religious, poetic, etc...Writers will work closely with us on ongoing basis."

For more:

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  • Positions that were posted as "work at home" that are not;
  • Posts that turn out to be multi-level marketing (MLM) operations or "get rich quick" schemes
  • Any "employer" who asks for money before releasing more details about the job
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