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Here, you will find work at home phone sex operator (PSO) and adult texter jobs, as well as leads to other home-based jobs in the adult entertainment industry.

Work at Home as an Phone Actress or Adult Texter
Screened jobs are below in the bulleted list. Listings in this box are Ads by Google and have not been screened by us. Please visit our FAQ page for more.

Please DO NOT assume that just because a company appears on this list that they have current openings for home-based workers. Always take the time to visit their corporate Web site and review their current opportunities. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THESE COMPANIES! If there are openings, be sure to follow the application directions on their sites. Links in the bulleted list have been screened. 

Phone Sex Operator Jobs

We understand that this type of work isn't for everyone. So, if after exploring the options you decide it's not right for you, we encourage you to spend some time looking at other legitimate home-based work options we have listed on this site.
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  • It goes without saying, phone actress jobs are best done when there are no children in the house! (School time, after bed, etc. are usually the best hours for parents.)
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Usually requires a corded telephone (no cordless or cell phones).
  • Commonly referred to as "PSOs" – Phone Sex Operators.
Following are some reputable companies that hire PSOs:
Also read Phone Sex Secrets blog at http://phonesexsecrets.blogspot.com/

Also read this comprehensive article by T. Thema Martin
Please note, we are NOT the company that is hiring PSOs! We are directing you to the above companies so you can explore the opportunites they have available. That said, we are unable to answer your specific questions about pay, setup, hours, etc. Please visit the sites we've listed and read through them thoroughly. You will find answers to most of your questions there and, if you still have questions, please contact those companies directly.
* PLEASE NOTE: While our Research Team does its best to exclude scams and similar links from the resources we post, we cannot of course guarantee the legitimacy of any link, company, hirer, etc. Job seekers are strongly urged to perform their own "due diligence" on any hirer they might consider.
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